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Unique and Strategic Location

Strategic Location and Central Market Access to One Billion Consumers.

Jordan… One country with trade agreements giving access to over 1 Billion consumers. 
Jordan is well situated as a regional entry point, being well connected to neighboring countries and global markets through modern transportation and communication networks. The country shares land borders Syria, Israel, Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, with Egypt is only a ferry ride away. Jordan serves as a focal point for trade and investment within the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), particularly for the Iraqi and Gulf markets. Jordan’s (Our) location allows for diversification and expansion into increasingly affluent markets.

Jordan's trade agreements give us access to a market of more than one billion consumers. (Jordan signed Free Trade Agreements with the Arab countries, US, EU, and Singapore. Additionally, being a member of the WTO, Jordanian products benefit from lower trade barriers, including tariffs, import quotas and excessive regulations.)

MENA has an area of 13.6 million square kilometers, which is almost equal to the EU and 1.5 times larger than the U.S. or China.
MENA accounted for 80% of Jordan's exports in 2010.
MENA is comprised of 334.5 million consumers, 6% of the world population (Arab Monetary Fund).

Population growth rate: 3% (vs. 0.8% in EU) 

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