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People and Talent

Qualified and Talented Workforce.

From executives to skilled laborers, we educate for the 21st century. Whether you are looking to outsource or locate labor in-country, Jordan’s human capital will help your money work better for you. Our training investments in the high-tech, manufacturing and service sectors add value to the economy, while labor costs remain the most competitive in the Middle East. 

  • Jordan is among the region’s highest spenders on education, investing more than 20.4% of our GDP to enable a labor force tailored to meet the demands of the modern market. 
  • Jordan’s literacy rate of 91% is among the highest in the Middle East. 
  • Over 200 thousand students attending our 25 universities and another 20,000 Jordanians are earning degrees abroad. 
  • We have 60 community colleges and 35 vocational centers graduating over 10,000 skilled technicians annually. 
  • 70% of the population age demographic is under the age of 30, denoting a youthfully exuberant population. 
  • Jordan has long enjoyed a skilled labor pool for services and industry. The average wages in these sectors are on par with those of China and India 
  • Jordan’s world-class Labour Laws offer flexible employment regulations to all investors. 
  • Beginning in elementary school, Jordanian children learn English and Computer skills ;( in preparation for IT training at the secondary level.) 
  • We boast 5 “business incubators”, where students receive guidance and assistance from the private sector. 
  • Jordan produces over 6,000 IT graduates every year. 
  • An efficiently, productive workforce. We spend 4.2% of our GDP to guarantee the well being of our citizens- more than any other country in the region. Life expectancy and public health levels in Jordan are comparable to the West with 70% of the population on medical insurance.
  • Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) Report in 2003, ranked Jordanian students scores to be 22 points above international average in science and mathematics.

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