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Favorable Business Environment

Jordan is a free market oriented economy, with outward-oriented economic policies and a private sector led approach. Jordan experienced an ongoing privatization of major state-owned enterprises and implemented significant advances in structural and legal reform.

  • Jordan ranks in the111out of 183 countries around the world examined with regard to doing business in the Middle East region (Doing Business Report,2011, World Bank.
  • Jordan does an exemplary job at moving goods quickly across borders.
  • Jordan is committed to the protection of investors’ rights irrespective of national origin.
  • Jordan has one of the most impartial and efficient legal systems in the region, comparable to international standards.

Jordan ranks one of the top countries for employing workers in the areas of hiring and firing and flexibility in hours. The country has very competitive laws in this regard.

The Kingdom is ranked one of the top countries relative to its peers for enforcing contracts in a timely matter as well as for legal rights involved in obtaining credit. The legal protections encourage investors to continue investing capital in Jordan. Procedurally, Jordan does an exemplary job at moving goods quickly across borders. Re-export driven investors will look highly upon this attribute. The government is intent on increasing the share of goods exported to the rest of the world, and is likely to improve this score even further. The legal protections may encourage investors to invest more capital.

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